Quality and Service – thats what Top Truck Contact is founded for. We are your Partner.

Chef 006

Nazir Hayat


Thank you for choosing Top Truck Contact as your partner. My Team and I will do anything to help you concerning the Trucks and Shipping or Transport.

Mr Hayat
+49 66 59 986 42-0

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Thorsten Baro

Export und Salesmanagement

I do care about all your needs concerning the Sales, Shipping and Transport and all Customs Declarations.

Mr Baro
+49 66 59 986 42-13

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TIM1 003

Tim Seidel

Sales, Marketing

I am happy to assist you in all matters relating to the sales, consulting and technology as well as during transportation.

Mr Seidel
+49 66 59 986 42-12

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Foto Jos� Parra

José Parra

General representation in Spain

I do care about all your needs concerning the Sales, Shipping and Transport and all Customs Declarations in Spain.

Telefon:  +34 924 571 431
Mobil:   +34 658 977 462

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Kerstin Schwan

I do care about all your Questions concering your Invoice, the Main Paperwork and the Trucks Papers.

Ms Schwan
+49 66 59 986 42-11

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Peter Baumann

Mr. Peter Baumann is responsible for all vehicle fleet issues at our company. Technical inspection of all vehicle functions and implementation of all repair work.

My workshop team and I will be happy to assist you with all questions regarding the technology and function of the vehicles.


Kasim Hayat

Mr. Kasim Hayat is responsible for all matters regarding vehicle technology at our company, as well as the practical presentation of the vehicles.

In addition, Mr. Kasim Hayat is also responsible for loading and transport preparation.


Oleg Belaev

Mr. Oleg Belaev is responsible for all issues regarding vehicle preparation, minor repairs, painting and bodywork tasks at our company.