RORO Shipping

We are your competent partner for the shipment of your commercial vehicles. We know the safest, fastest and most cost-effective RORO-ferry connections to all continents.

RORO (roll on / roll off) shipping means the vehicles and machines are driven or towed onto the cargo ship over rails and on their own wheels. On the ship, the crew straps them down and secures them with belts for the transport by sea.

With us, your vehicles are in safe and responsible hands. We can arrange the pick-up, the transfer to the terminal and the loading of your vehicle. Additionally, we take care of the complete export procedures, including port clearance and worldwide delivery of documents. We handle all aspects of truck shipment competently and efficiently for you.

From our home port in Hamburg, we arrange the shipment to Africa, the Middle East, South America and all around the world.
We’ll gladly create a customized offer for you – and you can always send us your request through our contact form.